Sent: The Book of Acts (Part 3)

In the third part of our look at the book of Acts, we take a long look at chapters nine through fifteen, which highlights Peter and the church in Jerusalem and shows the Gospel really going to the "ends of the earth." A ten-part series. If you'd like to listen to messages on the first eight-and-a-half chapters of Acts, check out "Sent: Part One" and "Sent: Part Two" on the sidebar to the right.

"There is No 'And'" | Acts 15:1-35
April 10, 2016 | Pastor Mike

Ever since the early days of the Church, Christians have had a bad habit of adding the word "and" after the statement "By grace you are saved through faith". Through an intense disagreement, though, the Church learns in Acts 15 that the good news of salvation really is that simple.

"Leadership Lessons from Lystra (& Beyond)" | Acts 14:21-28
April 3, 2016 | Pastor Mike

Halfway through their first missionary journey, Paul and Barnabas make a puzzling decision regarding their travel itinerary: they go backwards. Why? We find out the answer, and learn a lot about leadership in the process.

"Christ is Risen! ...Now What?" | Matthew 28
Easter Sunday 2016 | Pastor Mike

Our Easter message celebrates Christ's resurrection from the grave, and then asks the question, "What do I do now?" Thankfully, God's Word has a clear answer.

"Faith or Hype?" | Acts 14:1-20
March 20, 2016 | Pastor Mike

Paul and Barnabas saw their crowds flip-flop time and time again: first the crowds seemed to love them, then hate them later. In the end, it wasn't the crowds excitement that mattered: it was their faith.

"Changing the Rules" | Acts 13:13-52
March 13, 2016 | Pastor Mike

We often say people or things "changed the rules", like "Netflix changed the rules of TV." Well, in the biggest and grandest way possible, Jesus Christ really did change the rules, and he did it on Easter morning.

"Following Directions" | Acts 13:1-12
March 6, 2016 | Pastor Mike

We all face situations where we either want to know what to do, or what we should say. This story of Saul and Barnabas' travels in Acts 13 shows us that when it really matters, though, God's Spirit will show us what to do, and even what to say.

"Changing Our Perspective" | Psalm 73
February 28, 2016 | Chuck Spears

Guest preacher Chuck Spears, director of Cooperstown Bible Camp in Cooperstown, ND, brings us God's Word from Psalm 73. 

"God Comes Through" | Acts 12:1-24
February 21, 2016 | Pastor Mike

Chapter 12 has one of the most exciting stories in the book of Acts, recounting how God helped Peter escape from prison. But what's even more amazing is not what was going on in the prison that night--it's what was happening on the outside, where many Christians met for days to pray for Peter.

"Help a Brother Out!" | Acts 11:19-30
February 14, 2016 | Pastor Mike

We don't often think of the "Church" as one--instead, we think of many different churches. But although there are local gatherings of God's people all over the world, we are all in this together. And Acts 11 shows us that because we share a God, we should share our resources, too.

"God Plays No Favorites" | Acts 10:23b-11:18
February 7, 2016 | Pastor Mike

We play favorites. We have favorite teachers, favorite siblings, favorite doctors. But God doesn't play favorites--everyone who puts their faith in Jesus receives the same salvation, no matter who they are.

"Double Visions" | Acts 10:1-23a
January 31, 2016 | Pastor Mike

The story in Acts 10 shows us that God is working behind the scenes and planning his people, often simultaneously, to carry out his will.

"Ripple Christians" | Acts 9:32-43
January 24, 2016 | Pastor Mike

Peter's miracles in Acts 9 show us that sometimes great things done among God's people can have far-reaching effects.