Psalms for the Psummer

Starting with Psalm 128 on Father's Day 2015, we will be spending five weeks in the book of Psalms, looking at a different one each week. Join us as we open up this beloved book and celebrate the truth that has been passed down to us for generations, and a book that has new meaning in Christ.

Spiritual Heart Transplant | Psalm 51
August 2, 2015 | Pastor Mike

Psalm 51 is one of King David's most painful psalms. But it's also a psalm that shows us all our intense need for Jesus Christ. The final psalm in our series, "Psalms for the Psummer."

Like a Tree | Psalm 1
July 12, 2015 | Pastor Mike

The advice of Psalm 1 is simple: if you want to live a happy life, live like a tree! 

Satisfy the Soul Craving | Psalm 42-43
July 5, 2015 | Pastor Mike

Every person (that includes you!) has a craving in their soul... a God-sized hole that cannot be filled by anything else. Psalms 42 and 43 make up one song with a remarkable chorus that reminds us of our dependence on God.

Shelter from the Storm | Psalm 46
June 28, 2015 | Pastor Mike

Sometimes tragedy and hardship hits us like a flood: it rushes into our lives, and suddenly we feel like we are swimming. In moments like this, we can find safety in the arms of our loving God.

Blessed is the Man | Psalm 128
June 21, 2015 | Pastor Mike

To celebrate Father's Day, and to launch our series on Psalms, we look at a psalm with a universal truth applied to men and their families.