Let Me Tell You a Story...

Imagine the preacher got up on a Sunday morning, told a story he just made up on the spot, and then, after the story, sat down. Pretty weird, huh? Except as strange as that sounds, that's exactly what Jesus often did. He would tell a story. Sometimes he would give context, often he wouldn't. Sometimes he would explain it, often he wouldn't. Just a story. And yet those stories contain some of the most powerful lessons in the whole Bible. Join us for a four-week series covering four of the most powerful of Jesus' parables.

The One with the Not-Ready Servant | Matthew 24:45-51
September 6, 2015 | Pastor Mike

One servant was ready. The other was not. This story pounds home a major question for all of us: when the Master comes back, will you be ready or not?

The One with the Hated Hero | Luke 10:25-37
August 30, 2015 | Pastor Mike

The parable of the Good Samaritan is so well known, if you know any of Jesus' stories at all you probably know that one. And yet in our day the deep meaning of the story, which hinges on the word "Samaritan," can easily get lost. But with that one word, Jesus is making a very important statement about who we are supposed to love.

The One with the Crop Hoarder | Luke 12:13-21
August 23, 2015 | Pastor Mike

Jesus gets approached by a man who wants him to settle an important disagreement. This man was justice. But Jesus doesn't get involved. Instead, Jesus gives him a lesson: Life does not consist in an abundance of possessions. And then he tells him a story...

The One with the Big Party | Luke 14:12-24
August 9, 2015 | Pastor Mike

At what was probably the most awkward dinner party ever, with a group of Pharisees, Jesus tells a story about an invitation to a party. But he wasn't making a point about any old party--he was talking about the kingdom of God.