Haggai: Working For the Lord

Haggai is a book of Old Testament prophecy: a message given by God through the prophet Haggai to the people in Jerusalem who had just returned from a long exile in Babylon. But the message isn't just for people who lived 2,500 years ago—it is for us as well.

Mixed Up Priorities | Haggai 1:1-15
January 20, 2013 | Pastor Mike

Haggai got up in front of the people of Jerusalem and gave them a message, but it probably wasn't what they expected: "Get your priorities straight!" The same goes for us. [The first few minutes of the message are missing from the audio. You can read the introduction by clicking on "transcript."]

Discouraged Workers | Haggai 2:1-9
January 27, 2013 | Pastor Mike

All to often God's people can become discouraged when doing work for His glory. Tension and hardship make us want to give up. The same thing happened when the people of Jerusalem began to rebuild the temple. But God have them a simple message: Don't give up! 

Blessed Workers | Haggai 2:10-23
February 3, 2013 | Pastor Mike

Haggai's prophecy to the people of God shows us that God rewards his workers. But not all those rewards will come while we are living on earth; some are promised for the future.