Christmas From Isaiah

This advent season we are going to look at the Christmas story from a different angle: from the eyes of an Old Testament prophet who lived 700 years before the birth of Jesus, but whose prophecies at times contained news about the coming Messiah. We find we can learn a lot about Jesus' birth from these three passages written well before it actually happened. An advent series for 2014.

The Ultimate Rags-to-Riches Story | Isaiah 11:1-10
December 14, 2014 | Pastor Mike

We all like rags-to-riches stories. That's why we're always rooting for the underdog. The Bible contains the ultimate rags-to-riches story: a king who comes from the lowest of lows and becomes a banner for all the people!\

A Great Royal Reign | Isaiah 9:1-7
December 7, 2014 | Pastor Mike

In a time of darkness, Isaiah gives God's people hope: one day there will be a great reign of a royal king. It will be unlike any reign of any king ever before. 

The Sign of Immanuel | Isaiah 7:10-14
November 30, 2014 | Pastor Mike

In a long-ago prophecy, the prophet Isaiah told the king of Judah that God was going to give him a sign. You know the sign, actually: it's the one we celebrate every year at Christmas.