Sent: The Book of Acts (Part 1)

A 10-part series digging into the first five chapters of Acts, where the apostles begin the mission that Jesus 
sent them on: reaching the whole world.

Man v. God | Acts 5:12-42
March 15, 2015 | Pastor Mike

The account in Acts 5, like many of the stories in Acts, shows the followers of Jesus going against the earthly authorities. Since we all have people in authority, this brings up an important question: when can I disobey authority? Is it ever OK for me to disobey? The apostle Peter gives us the answer.

Spotting Spiritual Deception | Acts 5:1-11
March 8, 2015 | Pastor Mike

You probably know the story of Ananias and Sapphira. But what exactly does it tell us? Is it a story about giving, like many people think? Actually, we learn a much deeper lesson.

One Big Happy... | Acts 4:23-37
March 1, 2015 | Pastor Mike

Have you ever been so close to a person or group of people that they start to seem like your second family? God's Word teaches that the Church is meant to be just that: a great big loving family. [Sorry, the first five minutes of the message audio is missing. We apologize for the inconvenience.]

Unstoppable Gospel | Acts 4:1-22
February 22, 2015 | Pastor Mike

Most of us think certain things prevent us from sharing the Gospel with those around us. But as Acts 4 shows, if we have the courage to follow after Christ, the Gospel is unstoppable.

Better Than Silver and Gold | Acts 3
February 15, 2015 | Pastor Mike

We're all searching for joy. But if you look for joy in the wrong place, you'll only come up empty. Peter brought joy to a lame man's life, and shows us that we have something to give away, too--a source of ultimate, eternal joy.

A Model Church | Acts 2:42-47
February 1, 2015 | Pastor Mike

For most things in our lives, we do it a certain way because somebody else has modeled it for us. It's the same way with the church: somebody has modeled church well. And we get a clear picture of that model at the end of Acts 2.

What's the Big Idea? | Acts 2:14-41
January 25, 2015 | Pastor Mike

Every speech has a "big idea." And Peter's magnificent sermon on the day of Pentecost is no different. What is Peter's big idea? And what does that tell us about our big idea? 

Pentecost | Acts 2:1-13
January 18, 2015 | Pastor Mike

In Acts 2, the Holy Spirit descends on Christ's followers, doing some amazing miracles in the process. This is one of the most memorable passages in the New Testament, but what exactly can we learn from it today?

Wait... and Pray | Acts 1:12-26
January 11, 2015 | Pastor Mike

Let's just agree on one thing... waiting is no fun. Waiting can be excruciating. But we all have to wait in life. Sometimes we're waiting on God to give us direction, or give us an answer. But what exactly are we supposed to be doing during this time of waiting?

Can I Get a Witness? | Acts 1:1-11
January 4, 2015 | Pastor Mike

Luke begins his account in Acts with Jesus' last days, where Jesus sends his disciples off with a message: he wants them to be his witnesses. Actually, Jesus wants all his followers to be his witnesses.